The 2022 Motion Picture Screenplay Career Fulfillment Prize

The MPSP presented by the Justin Ptak agency is not just a script contest, it is a thoroughly unique career development program to assist the screenwriter in a variety of ways to set them up for cinematic success here and now and well into the future. The aim is to achieve your goals and aspirations to see your work up on the silver screen.

We all share a passion for storytelling and the cinema at the JPA and one of the greatest rewards is nurturing that gift and talent in others with unique experiences from all over the world. The Justin Ptak agency seeks to not only entertain, and educate, but enlighten. We are overjoyed with the opportunity to expand this focus and work with burgeoning screenwriters to harness their efforts, tune their message, and expand their audience via the Motion Picture Screenplay Prize.

Join us on this unique journey and experience into the depths of Hollywoodland where we can foster your talents, find your true voice, and recreate the initial magic that brought everyone to the Theatre in the first place.

Rules and Regulations: Submit one feature length motion picture screenplay in the .PDF format or Final Draft and valid email address for future correspondence and career development to Sales@TheMotionPictureScreenplayPrize.Com

  • Writer's Resource IX

    Screen Scribe Compendium.

  • Inspiration IX

    Setting the mood, tone, and ambiance.

  • News to Actualize IX

    Current events of amusement and interest.

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